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We have a problem. We need the solution.

With the shout ˝ni planeta B˝ youngsters want to protest against the global warming we are creating and facing. They ask for real solutions to one of the main problems on Earth.

Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who decided to start a school strike on August 2018, ignited this movement. She stood in front of the Swedish parliament during school hours to demand the government the reduction of carbon emissions according to the Paris Agreement. She was the inspiration for the following organized school strikes all around the world. These protests have gained strength in several countries, especially within the European Union, during the last months. Slovenia joined the protest on Friday 15th, when the first strike happened.

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Thousands of youngsters marched through the streets of Ljubljana last Friday, starting at Kongresnem trgu. They moved through the city centre to end the protest in front of the parliament. Their main demands are:
 - Limiting the global temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5°C.
 - A fair transition to low carbon energy sources.
 - The implementation of green jobs.
 - A more efficient management of community resources.
 - A sustainable local agriculture and predominantly plant nutrition.
 - A clean environment.
 - Accessible public transport.
 - Pedestrianization of cities.

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Since I arrived to Slovenia, many people have told me that in this country everything was in small scale. That is why I went to the protest expecting to find only a few people, but I was surprised when I saw so many teenagers in the square. I have also heard a lot in these weeks that the Slovenian youth is not very revolutionary and, although I could not understand the speeches nor the hundreds of banners shown, it seemed to me that people are truly aware of the huge problem that we are facing. I saw the youngsters enjoying the protest, and while demanding a future for everyone.

Something needs to be done on this matter. Although, the protest was promoted by the students, it is not only their responsibility but of each one of us to fight for a better and greener future.

David Gullon, ESC Volunteer at Nefiks
foto: David Gullon

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