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DOIT Social Innovation Idea Challenge je spletni izziv/natečaj, namenjen otrokom in mladim med 6 in 16 letom starosti iz celotne Evrope. Z natečajem želijo spodbuditi mlade, da predložijo idejo za praktične rešitve problemov, ki jih opazijo v svoji okolici.

Mladi in otroci lahko pošljejo sliko do 30. junija - to je lahko risba predmeta, ki bi predstavljal rešitev problema ali pa fotografija prvega prototipa, ki so ga otroci že zgradili) skupaj s pojasnilom v angleščini.

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V nadaljevanju je vsebina natečaja v angleškem jeziku.

Children and young people can submit their idea as a picture (e.g. a quick drawing of what the object would look like or a photo of a first prototype they have already built) and a short explanation in English. (If they do not speak English well, a friend or an adult could help them with the writing or translate the text for them. If it is impossible to help the young participant with translation into English, we will also accept text in national languages of any of the DOIT partner countries.)

Each participant (individual or a small team of up to three people) can submit up to three ideas. These will all be displayed on our website.

Participants can focus on any societal problems they are interested in, such as:

  • What would help me and other people protect the environment and the Earth and live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way?
  • How could we make it easier for children and young people to live a healthier life (both physical and mental health)?
  • What practical solutions could help in children and young people's everyday lives in areas such as education and learning, play and free time offline and online, friendships, family, safety in their towns, equal treatment and opportunities despite being different, or others?

Deadline: Sunday 30 June 2019 (end of day)

Send by email to: challenge@doit-europe.net (submitted by the young participant directly or by their family member, facilitator they work with or similar)

What to send us:

  • in the body of the email:
    • the child's/team's chosen nickname
    • their age group (6–10 or 11–16)
    • the title of their idea
    • what topic or problem it addresses, and
    • how it would work and help with the chosen problem (a very short explanation of no more than 350 words)
  • attach the picture

Our jury will look at all the ideas submitted and give short feedback to all those long-listed and shortlisted. We will share the feedback and inform the participants by email. Authors of the shortlisted ideas can also choose to take part in the second round, in which they would be matched with an experienced online mentor that would help them work on their idea further over the summer.

We hope that through this fun activity, children challenge themselves to use their creativity to think of ways young people can make a difference. They might also find inspiration in the DOIT Toolbox, with many useful tips and activities for all ages, or by checking out DOIT's success stories of young social innovators and the videos on our YouTube channel.

We are looking forward to all the great ideas!

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