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Before coming to Ljubljana, people used to ask me why, and what I was going to do here. It was hard for me to answer these questions, because, although I knew what the project was about, I did not have a clear idea of what I was going to do exactly here, or what I was going to find when arriving

. Now after five months as an ESC volunteer in Nefiks, I still cannot explain everything, because each week is different here. But I can assure, that the whole experience is being absolutely amazing.

From the very beginning I have felt really comfortable in this country, so much that, despite the unspeakable Slovene, I cannot imagine myself changing the “dober dan” to other language right now. Although the cultural differences are obvious sometimes, everything is easier when you are surrounded by cool people that help you in the whole process, not only in the office, but also out of it.

It took me some weeks to fully understanding which would be my tasks as volunteer. After this time of getting to know what were the goals of Nefiks, and the different projects that they run here, I started to run up hills, and to get some tasks, as leading a Spanish Club, playing with kids in the MC Vič, or recording a video blog. With this, I realised how easy is to speak your mother language, but how hard and funny at the same time is teaching it, and also how much time it takes to edit a 5 minutes video. This was only the beginning of my learning experience. Once I was more established in the association, my tasks started to change more and more, from promotion plans for festivals and social media, to writing articles and learning the basis of publishing in a web page, or talking about my experience in high schools. But one of the things I enjoyed the most, was taking part in the Spanish summer camp.

For me this is all new, some months ago I could not imagine myself doing this kind of things. And here I realised that I am not only able to do it, but also enjoy them a lot. Before coming, the first video I edited was the one they ask me in Nefiks for the selection process (maybe I will publish it in the future), I knew nothing about organization of activities for youth, or how to start learning Spanish. I did not know even how Instagram worked, and felt a bit ashamed when I had to speak in English.

Now almost in the half of this experience I am getting aware of how much I am learning, in the work and in my daily life in Ljubljana. I realised how much I am changing, and how much I am used to this life abroad. These months have passed like a second, and when I think that it is only 7 more months to finish here, I feel the necessity of enjoying each minute of this experience, keep learning and discovering Slovenia. When I take a break to think, I feel really happy of having chosen this way, and I see how lucky I am being able to live it.

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