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  • „European spirit through European Volunteers in different Caritas Organisations in Upper Austria“
„European spirit through European Volunteers in different Caritas Organisations in Upper Austria“

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In different Caritas Organisations in Upper Austria we want to have the support and ideas from European Volunteers. Caritas has already long term experience, some of the Caritas Organisations are new ones.

Please find below the description of the different hosting projects and when applying please mention the title of the project!


Caritas Oberösterreich - St. Isidor

The organisation "Caritas Oberösterreich" in St.Isidor attends people with disabilities in living, working and educational interests. Our aim is to include people with disabilities into the society and support them to become as independent as possible. Our organisation offers a wide range of services to people with disabilities in Upper Austria e.g. assisted living, work, training, therapy, kindergarden.
"Caritas Oberösterreich" is one of the largest organisations in Upper Austria, which provides services for people with disabilities.

St. Isidor looks like a small village with one kindergarten, two afterschool care centres and five houses where children and teenagers live (assisted living). In addition, there are two schools, a small church, an outdoor pool and many playgrounds for the children. In walking distance, one can find grocery shops and the next tram stop. Sankt Isidor lies close to the provincial capital of Upper Austria, Linz (just 10 minutes by tram). Linz is located next to the Danube and offers many cultural events. From Linz, one can reach the UNESCO world heritage area of Salzkammergut in under an hour by train.

One of the possible accomodations for volunteers is located in the village of Sankt Isidor. Volunteers have their own room in a shared apartment with a shared kitchen, a TV, free wifi and laundry service.

Project 1 – Villa Kunterbunt – leisure center for children with disabilities

Start: Mai 2024 – 30 hours each week

1 Volunteer

Place: St.Isidor / A-4060 Leonding

The main tasks in this project are to support the staff and the children in their leisure time activities.
The “Villa Kunterbunt” is a place in St.Isidor, where children, who live in the assisted living groups at St.Isidor, can spend parts of their free time. The children are aged between five and seventeen years.
The Volunteer can also possibly organize the “fetch and bring service” of children who can't manage their way on their own.

Volunteers are working on their project in the time from Monday to Friday between 2pm and 8pm.
They support with childrens' holidays in the Semester break or the summer holiday camp.
Weekends, Easter and Christmas are free, in summer there are fixed holidays for three weeks.

The Volunteer in this project should be sporty and active, musical and creative. The main tasks are e.g. playing football, going swimming doing handcrafts, singing and making music.

Project 2- Assisted living

Start: October 2023 (with young adults) or September 2023 (with children)

Start: März 2024 – 30 hours each week

1 Volunteer

Place: St.Isidor A-4060 Leonding

The main tasks in assisted living are to support the staff in their daily work with doing homework, playing, leisure-time activities, cooking, but also supporting the children and teenagers with their care work. There is one assisted living group, where children live who have several disabilities. They need a lot of special care, therefore this project is perfect for volunteers, who want to gather experience in care work.

There is also a possibility to work in assisted living with young adults, where the tasks are all in all similar to the childrens' groups, this group is in the centre of Linz. Working with young adults means being an example for them, listen to their problems and help them to structure their leisure time.

Volunteers in assisted living are working along a roster which is always set for one month, two weeks before. Every volunteer has five weeks of holidays (if the volunteering is for 12 months) and is free on the public holidays as well. In the assisted living one can take their holidays individually.

We encourage the volunteers to bring their own culture, abilities, ideas and creativity into the group by cooking, singing songs, creating leisure-time activities and so on. Thus, everyone can experience a new culture, new traditions and widen their horizon through cultural exchanges. In return, the volunteers will get an insight into the Austrian culture and into working with people with disabilities.

Call for ESC INVITA-Volunteers Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

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