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Since the beginning of 2024, the French language club has taken place every Monday evening at the Vič youth center. The aim of the French club was to practice and learn the basics of French. A Belgian ESC volunteer, a native French speaker, led and organized the club, enabling participants to practice French as it is spoken in everyday life. 

During these meetings, participants discovered French culture while having fun. They learned how to introduce themselves, they made waffles, they discovered French musical culture, they recited poems, they solved the craziest riddles in a treasure hunt, they went on a road trip to Belgium while staying in Ljubljana and all this was done in French. The level of each participant was very different: some were French speakers, others had a fairly advanced level of French, and still others didn't speak a word of French. But this difference in level was not a hindrance; on the contrary, it enabled them to help each other, bond and improve.

"I really enjoyed creating this club. I'm not going to hide the fact that preparing for the meetings each week was quite stressful, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure that each meeting was fun, enriching and that people wanted to come back. But it also allowed me to relax. I've learned to accept that not everything can be perfect, and that even if it's imperfect, it can still work. Having to be creative every week, leading people and seeing them having fun, laughing and playing the game to the hilt, was a real pleasure. It was a great experience, very enriching, and I'm sure I'll find it useful for other events in the future."

Emilie François


"The French Club has been a beautiful activity that I joined and enjoyed fully. 

Every meeting was really well organized, original and always different. 

It was a good opportunity to practice and learn about French language and Belgian culture: we learnt about the literature, the music, the cuisine and lots of cultural things in France and Belgium, but we also had a lot of fun participating in games and treasure hunts. 

Emilie, the coordinator of the activity, has always been prepared, on track and available for everything and she let us learn in innovative and creative ways.

In summary, we spent a really good time together, meeting new people, having fun and meanwhile learning a lot!


Valentina Balconi


"Personally the experience of the French club has been amazing, Emilie is a really good teacher and and I could never immagine that learn French in this way could be so funny and  involvement"

Simone De Luca


"Our French teacher Emilie guided us through her always exciting and diverse lessons in learning French, always involving us personally with group and personal activities that facilitated learning through constant interaction with her and everyone else participants. Merci!!"

Antonio Lacono


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