Young Drummers Competition 2024

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The Slovenian Tourist Board and Golden Drum invite you to participate in the Young Drummers Competition for the most creative poster or poster series on the topic: You can’t spell Slovenia without love and that is why you must love it.


Young Drummers Competition opening: 12 April 2024

Deadline for submissions: 9 September 2024

Shortlist announced: 2 October 2024 at 8 AM (CET)

Winner/s announced: 10 October 2024 at 8 PM (CET)

Entry format: poster

Entry fee: 50 EUR (VAT not included)

This year's creative challenge is an impassioned call to fall head over heels for Slovenia – the same as the famous statements goes: you can’t spell Slovenia without love. How would you explain the story of Slovenia, its beauty, culture and charm, in a short creative poster? How would you inspire others and make them fall in love with Slovenia so much that they would want to experience it first-hand?

Embarking on a trip to Slovenia is like stepping into the world of unique experiences, a grand reveal for everyone. Here, you'll find everything your heart desires: from the mighty mountains, the sun-kissed shores of the seaside, the vibrant pulse of its lively capital, the dreamy Pannonian plain, mighty Karst caves, superb gastronomy, pampering in natural health resorts, unexpected art and rich cultural heritage. So why not surrender to its charms and let yourself fall in love with this enchanting land?

We will not burden you with details, but here are some further highlights worth mentioning: from 3* Michelin restaurant, picturesque settings that serve as the backdrop for cinematic masterpieces, or Slovenia Unique Experiences, which offer high-quality, distinctive and authentic experiences with a green ethos and local charm. With a highly sophisticated approach and service, each of these experiences is crafted with a deeply personal touch, ensuring that every moment is special.

In essence, Slovenia is more than just a country—it's an experience unlike any other and a place where dreams come to life.

Find more inspiring stories on Slovenia.info, explore the Slovenian Tourist Board Media Library and www.Tasteslovenia.si gastronomic portal, and connect with us on Feel Slovenia social media.



Poslanstvo zavoda je mladim in mladinskim organizacijam zagotavljati ustrezno strokovno podporo pri beleženju in evidentiranju neformalnega izobraževanja in učinkov mladinskega dela z namenom njegovega priznanja v širši družbi. Nadalje je namen zavoda mladim pomagati pri kariernem razvoju, zaposlovanju in aktivnem državljanstvu ter zagotavljati pomoč in podporo pri organizacijskem in drugem razvoju mladinskih in nevladnih organizacij.

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