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Javi in David sta prostovoljca, ki sta se pridružila Zavodu Nefiks kot udeleženca mednarodne izmenjave "Spanish sLOVEnia". Z nami bosta preživela naslednjih 12 mesecev, v tem času pa posta sodelovala pri naših rednih projektih (MC Vič, Jezikovni klubi, Tutorji,..), hkrati pa imela možnost izpeljati lasten projekt, pri čemer jima bomo pri Nefisku pomagali z znanjem ter know-how-om.

Spodaj najdete njune blog zapise, vlog-e ter članke.

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Projekt je financiran iz programa Evropska solidarnostna enota, ki ga financira Evropska unija.


What about human rights?

Today, August 20th 2019, marks the 19th day since the rescue ship Open Arms is waiting for an authorization to unload 109 people in the port of Lampedusa, Italy. The Open Arms is the boat from the Spanish NGO of the same name that is rescuing migrants from death in the Mediterranean. The people onboard are suffering strong problems of physical and mental health and some of them are even trying to jump off the ship to reach the coast by swimming. This is the result of the racist policies of the Italian minister Matteo Salvini and the connivance of the European Union.

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Lets stop, lets think, lets sum up!

Before coming to Ljubljana, people used to ask me why, and what I was going to do here. It was hard for me to answer these questions, because, although I knew what the project was about, I did not have a clear idea of what I was going to do exactly here, or what I was going to find when arriving

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